Greg Jowaisas
Traditional American Music
Passing it on!     


Hes remarkable.  He really is.  He gets the kids engaged and it really does fit into the curriculum.  He is living history.  I respect him and his work.  It takes a lot of dedication.
Thane Maynard, Cincinnati Zoo

Greg has been a wonderful performer at our Celtic festival and would be a wonderful addition to anyone elses festival or event.
Cindy Matyi and JoAnn Buck, Artistic Directors of
Cincinnati Folklife and the Cincinnati Celtic and World Music Festival

He is one of the most multi-talented men I have ever known.  Hes much more than a performer, hes a music educator as well as a performer. Carolyn Adams, Heritage Village Museum , Sharonville, OH

I liked your performance and I liked your singing.  Also you were wonderful and awesome.  I learned a lot about the famous people of Kentucky .  I hope you come to our school again."
Quentin Daniels, student

I wanted to show you how greatly you are appreciated!  The students have been talking about you since you left!  Keep up the good work.  Young people really need to see what you have to offer.

Monica Dunn, Southside Elementary Music Instructor



Greg Jowaisas was once a respectable school teacher.  30 years ago he left this noble profession to follow the call of the wild mountain banjo and make his infatuation with old time music a full time career.

He never abandoned his role as an educator and returned to schools to teach unconventional subjects concerning banjos and ballads, Appalachian culture, traditional dances and tall tales.  Much of the school year Greg Jowaisas presents programs of folk music in public and private schools across the Midwest.  He brings a wide variety of instruments (10!) to an equally broad content of different programs.

Consistent throughout the many program themes is Greg's evident reverence and enthusiasm for the songs, stories and tunes that he shares.  In fact, his love for the music is so contagious that most of his audiences become part of the performance as they join in the singing and celebration of our common musical heritage.

One of his most requested programs is a "Survey of American Folk Music".  During this performance Mr. Jowaisas covers the four basic food groups of folk music:  ballads, work songs, dance tunes and courting songs.  He also showcases his ample skill on ten traditional instruments in a way that "SING OUT" magazine called "genuine and masterful!"

His other programs involve Ohio River History, Old Time Square Dancing and play parties, tall tales and whoppers and a presentation of traditional and original songs about great American heroes.

Greg's audiences are not limited exclusively to the younger set.  He has worked in the corporate and community arena where his humor and motivational stories are well received.  Summers find his as a performer at music festivals and instructional camps.  He has been a headline performer and instructor at Kentucky Music Weekend, Yellow Banks Dulcimer Festival, Winfield Kansas Folk Festival, The Cincinnati Appalachian Festival and Storytelling at the Heritage, Nashville, TN. His recording credits include half a dozen collaborations and three solo efforts.

One of his favorite venues is the family concert.  Here Greg Jowaisas draws upon his talent as a sincer, multi-instrumentalist and storyteller to "make the link" between generations as young and old join in the shared joy, sorrow and wonder of our history and folk songs.




521 Forest View Lane
Covington, Kentucky 41015